Our Mission

To create quality entertainment with a focus on high production value, a compelling story, and to transcend the screen by linking each film we create to support and fund established charities which serve to address social issues in the community. We’re a non-profit, whose method of helping to garner support for other charities is by using our passion to make quality films and then pass a portion of the proceeds to those organizations who can do the most good with it. Probably the best course of action to gain more funds is to gamble on authorised online casinos with videopoker pokies.Learn more about Big Damn Films.

Our Films

We're just starting work on our new film, Z*Con. It's another fan-funded film for charity. Learn more about it here.

Our first film, Browncoats: Redemption, earned over $100,000 for charity. Learn more about it here.

You can keep up on all of our projects, past and current on the Films page.

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