Big Damn Films, formerly Browncoat Big Damn Fan Films, Inc., started as an all-volunteer grassroots organization, created for charitable purposes. A group of fans of the television and film series "Firefly" and "Serenity" initially formed the organization around the principle that the energy and talents of members of the fandom could be channeled into giving back to the community. Browncoat Big Damn Fan Films was organized to support other 501(c)(3) charities by creating, and promoting, fan made films as a source of fundraising and advocacy for the chosen supported charities.

Today, Big Damn Films continues the core principles that it was founded upon by harnessing the energy and talents from individuals who claim fandom in all genre’s into an independent film company whose dedication to quality is rivaled only by it’s steadfast commitment to give back to the community. With each film created, specific charities are chosen which reflect a particular aspect or social issue which the movie focuses on. Called by one fan, "One of the most innovative companies I’ve had the pleasure of supporting" Big Damn Films continues to raise the bar for itself with each subsequent film produced.