Big Damn Films marketing approach is simple, if you like something, you’re going to want to share it. Whether it’s with friends at school, your family over the dinner table, a cousin across the country through Facebook, or a 1,000 people you've never met in person but communicate daily with on Twitter, the things that you share can make it around the world in a minute. We seek to harness the power of social media to spread word of our projects from friend to brother to stranger to cousin and back again. Our best spokesperson is you.

In 2010 it was you who spread the word about a small group of dedicated volunteers from Baltimore, MD who sacrificed time and money to make believe for 86 minutes that a show they loved which had been canceled nearly a decade earlier was still alive. It was the words from your mouths and text from beneath your fingers which caused thousands of DVD’s and BluRays to be shipped to every continent on this planet (yes including Antarctica). And only with your help will we be able to continue this journey of telling great stories which directly leads to helping those in need around our communities.